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WCE is a Spanish company specialized in the distribution of electronic, electrical and mechanical components. WCE covers the following sectors: Military, Industrial, Robotics, Communications, Transport, Electronics, Audio and Video, Aerospace, Electromedicine and others.

WCE tiene capacidad de suministro a cualquier Cliente y País del mundo. WCE posee delegaciones por toda España y Portugal para cubrir así las necesidades de nuestros clientes de la mejor forma posible.

WCE is a company with a high level of qualification and experience, enjoying great confidence on the part of our Suppliers and Clients. WCE is an organization with clients in Europe and Latin America.


WCE distributes brands with a complete range of products, covering almost all the necessary applications in all industrial sectors. WCE, thanks to its Engineering Team, is able to develop products specially designed for them with its customers.
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