OMNIMATE 4.0 connectors

The new modular Weidmüller OMNIMATE 4.0 connectors.
February 16, 2021 by

Weidmüller's new OMNIMATE 4.0 connectors have a compact and lightweight modular building block design that supports extensive customization, data, signal and power transmission, wide industrial application compatibility, and flexibility to use. future proof in a wide range of industrial automation, IIoT, robotics and Industry 4.0 applications. They also take advantage of the company's intuitive and wire-ready SNAP IN connection technology, which comes with open clamp points and provides lightning-fast, tool-less, safe and secure wire connections as well as visual and acoustic confirmation of the correct mating. , and supports simple, tool-free rewiring - even for flexible stranded wire conductors without crimped wire ferrules in fully automated cabling processes. OMNIMATE 4.0 modular and plug-and-play connectors are available as catalog and custom solutions and offer a wide range of pre-fabricated individual I / O modules, including single-pair Ethernet modules that allow cost-effective connection of end-to-end of a large number of devices in the IIoT, ranging from sensors in the field to the cloud. Manufactured from rugged, high performance materials that reliably resist shock, vibration and wave soldering and reflow, OMNIMATE 4.0 connectors are currently available with two to 12 poles and from a batch of one with a delivery in just three days for the catalog and tailor-made configurations, the latter of which can be carried out quickly and easily with the Weidmüller configurator. The series all also have relevant and common approvals according to IEC 61984 and UL 1059 for industrial applications and, depending on the degree of contamination and the overvoltage category, can handle up to 400 V with a pitch of 5.00 mm and conductor cross-sections between 0.75 mm² and 2.50 mm². The corresponding pin headers also have a modular design, providing the highest level of pin coplanarity for an automatic assembly process, and offer an optional locking mechanism on the sockets to ensure robust connections under conditions. difficult. Future extensions of the OMNIMATE 4.0 plug-in connector range will cover wires from 1.50 to 16 mm².

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