Nueva Maquina de Crimpado 2018

10 de febrero de 2021 por
En WCE estamos contentos de poder presentaros la nueva maquina de crimpado que sera lanzada esta año 2018!!

Con esta evolución de la gran conocida ya ACS2000, se ha conseguido mejorar aun mas una maquina que ya era difícil de mejorar.

  • 7" Rotating touch

  • Electric feeder

  • Working capacity, +2500 crimps per hour

  • Easy programming software

  • Manual adjustment of the height in steps of 0.02 mm

  • Prepared for the installation of a crimp force monitor

  • Working voltage 230 VAC and 110 VAC

  • Prepared for automatic lines / IO-interface with security included

  • Dimensions: 490 x 320 x 480 mm

  • Weight: 50 kg

  • Cycle Time: 0.3 sec.

  • CE certification

  • Possibility of creating crimps for specifications in high temperature + 600ºC

  • Meets UL 486C 

  • Meets MIL - STD 202 

  • Meets IEC 60352-2 

  • Meets IPC/WHMA-A-620   

We can make all kinds of connections!

Any type of posibilitie!


Cable to Contact

With this machine crushes can be made much more secure, durable and less expensive than the usual welding. With better characteristics in applications with vibrations, with pull-force problems ... Crimp times are 50% less than welding times. The lowest cost connection with the best result. Do not continue with welding problems.


Cable to PCB

With this machine you can make connections directly from your cables to rigid, flexible PCBs, flat cables ... any situation can be solved. With a much lower height than the connectors, we can always reduce the height of our application and much better with respect to the connectors.


Cable to Magnet

With this new machine you can make connections directly with magnets, motors, transformers, loudspeakers, alternators and a great ... Whenever you have a new application you can solve it with the same technology and at a much lower cost to any current market alternative. They only have to consult us and we will help them.

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