Interruptores Switch'Air para teclados con orificio

9 de abril de 2021 por

Introducing the new 4-pin Switch'Air switches. Switch'Air switches feature patented technology with an air cushion that prevents switches from sticking together during automated pick & place manufacturing, resulting in faster, easier and more accurate assembly.

The hole in the dome allows an LED to be placed under and thus under the upper plastic membrane, not only saving space but also providing a more intuitive user experience, as the button itself lights up when activated.

As the membrane switches are sealed, they are ideal for medical and other applications where cleaning is necessary, either for hygiene reasons or due to use in dirty or dusty environments.

 - Life cycle of up to five million actions and guaranteed for one million action cycles.

- Superior tactile feel with a large sweet spot.

- Made of high quality stainless steel, they are free from contamination.

 - Shot force variants of 280g, 340g and 400g with a rebound force of 65g.

- The physical specifications are: diameter 10 mm; diameter of the footprint 9.5 mm; height 0.65 mm; total travel 0.55 mm.

- The operating temperature is -40 ° C to + 105 ° C.

- Switching current 5 µA to 100 mA DC, switching voltage 0.1 to 100 V DC, switching capacity of one watt.

- The contact resistance is <100 mΩ.

- Qualified to ASTM F2592-16.

- Available in tube, reel, in bulk or in series.

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