Gama SIB - nuevo SSR dual

9 de julio de 2021 por
These are the main features:

Voltage is 600V peak = 280VAC nominal voltage
The current is 2x20A (30A power element I²t = 487A²s)
Double zero crossing solid state relay specially designed for AC-51 resistive loads.
1 common input with green LED display
Push-in style input connector
Power outputs: screw terminals
Width is 22.5mm
Certification: CE, UL, S mark
SSR capacity at 40 ° C:

3A each phase without heat sink
10A each phase with 3K / W heatsink
15A each phase with 2K / W heatsink
25A each phase with 1K / W heatsink

The output connections "vertically" and "horizontally" are possible thanks to the holes in the power connections:
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