Codificador rotatorio para usos especiales

2 de junio de 2021 por

Turn, press, steer. Be it lighting system, construction machine or production plant. Thanks to the cleverly thought-out modular principle, EBE + motion sensors offer countless adaptations for rotary encoders. These can also cover applications for absolutely special use in a wide variety of areas.

There are often many details to consider when designing machines and appliances. Sometimes the control panel has to withstand particularly harsh environmental conditions and there is often very little space available. However, development is always faced with the challenge of designing the optimal product for its users. EBE's range of rotary encoders generally offers a suitable solution for particularly demanding requirements. The intelligent modular principle around the rotary encoder allows a freedom that is not available with standard products.

EBE rotary encoders can be adapted to the most diverse requirements for retentions and retention angles, allow particularly small installation spaces and are flexible in terms of shaft length and diameter. For example, the BGE 16 rotary encoder and the CESI 20 impress with their extremely small design of only around 16mm and 20mm in diameter. They are especially valued when used with compact mobile devices such as defibrillators, total stations, or theodolites. The BGE 43 is also used in confined spaces. Implementing two separate rotary encoders on one axis can save considerable installation space, for example in mixing consoles.

With the wide range of customization options, the focus is always on quality and long service life, so that the end user can benefit from individually developed solutions for a long time.

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